Insider tv works with the best hotel brands in the world

Insider TV is the only TV channel in your hotel designed to increase profits and help augment your guests experience

Insider TV offers hotels insider themed destination videos that provide its guests with ideas & information to help them better enjoy the time they are spending both in and outside the hotel.

Insider TV can help hotel boost its revenues by increasing business to its profit centers such as F&B, spas, MICE, etc.

Insider TV helps hotel guests have a more enjoyable experience that can translate into more positive social media posts.

Insider tv is apac’s leading producer of hotel videos

Hotels have a lot to market and a lot of different target audiences to market too, and each situation demands a uniquely created video to best sell the product and service through.

Some of the most commonly produced hotel videos include:

  • Selling rooms to corporate clients (MICE)
  • Promote your trendy lounge or bar
  • Wedding services
  • Showcase your spa
  • Holiday specials
  • Weekend packages or Staycations
  • Signature restaurant/chef
  • Weekend brunches
  • Attract bookings on sites such as Expedia or Trip Advisor etc.
  • A video that plays on your hotel info-channel
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